If you are looking for a different stylish and cool hairstyle for your special days or daily use, be sure to take a look at this post. Did you know that you can use the finger waves hairstyle in classic ways or in different hairstyles? So let’s have a look at the best finger wave short hairstyles in different styles together.

1. Short Brown Hair Finger Waves

Finger waves hair

If you have short, shimmering brown hair, you will lose this finger wave hairstyle. It is very easy to make and at the same time very stylish, this model must be tried.

2. Blonde Finger Wave Hair

Finger waves hair for women

A finger wave hairstyle that will suit blonde hair very well on your special days or elegant invitations. Try it and shine that night. We think it is an extremely stylish and elegant bun with a finger wave hairstyle.

In case you want to see more natural short curly hairstyles!

3. Glittery Brown Finger Wave Hair Style

Finger waves hair style

We loved the fresh look of the finger wave haircut on long hair. A must try for natural waves.

4. Blue Finger Wave Haircut

Finger waves haircut

An amazing short finger wave haircut for women who love to make their hairstyle stand out with color.

5. Different Short Black Finger Waves

Finger waves hair for 2022

There will be an extremely cool finger wave model for those who like different,assertive and shorter models. Find a good hairdresser for this model.

6. Gorgeous Blonde Finger Waves

Finger waves hair style for 2022

This hair style combined with finger waves will work very well for those who prefer highlighted hair. Cut the top of your hair into longer finger waves.

7. Retro Finger Waves Hair

Finger waves haircut for women

In our opinion medium-lenght hair is very compatible with retro finger waves. You will love this hair that looks like it came from ancient times.

8. Scraped Finger Waves Hair

Finger waves hair

Finger wave haircut looks extremely good on shaved short hair. Style the longer up section with these finger waves to liven up your hair.

9. Finger Waves İn Bun Hair

Finger waves hair for 2022

If you have a wedding ,invitation or graduation and you like magnificent hairstyles, combine your finger waves with your bun. You can also get a smaller bun if you want.

10. Orange Short Finger Waves Hairstyle

Finger waves for women

If you prefer to use your finger wave haircut attacted to your head,fix them with the help of a small hair comb. Let your hair stay the same with you all day.

11. Long and Purple Silver Finger Waves Haircut

Long finger waves haircut

With the finger wave hairstyle, the silver and purple colors on it will keep your eyes on you. For longer finger waves, open the waves in your hair with the help of a comb.

12. Short On Finger Waves Haircut

Brown finger waves hair

We loved finger waves on short hair. Combine your brown hair with short finger waves and fix it naturally with a hairspray.

13. Short Black Finger Waves

Finger wave haircut

The harmony of your black finger waves with pearl earrings and stylish jewelry will dazzle.

14. Short Blonde Finger Waves Hairstyle

Blonde finger waves for 2022

If you are looking for a model that will shape your blonde hair very easily,try these cool finger waves.

15. Natural Finger Waves

Finger waves for 2022

If you like more natural and straighter finger waves, this model is for you.

16. Short Black Finger Waves Hair

Finger Waves for women

If you have short hair, you can calm them down and have this wonderful finger wave hairstyle

17. Finger Waves Hairstyle In Hair Bun

Finger waves hairstyle for 2022

Combine your hair bun needs with a finger wave hairstyle on a special day. Complete your look with a cute hair accessory.

18. Cute Finger Waves

Cute finger waves for women

These extremely sweet finger waves will go well with many hair colors. Style and pin your finger waves forward.

19. Backswept Finger Waves

Finger waves for 2022

You can get this hairstyle by combing your finger wave haircut backwards. Make sure you have less wavy finger waves.

20. Long Finger Waves Hairstyle

Long finger waves

If you have longer hair and are looking for a lively hairstyle, this model is for you. If you want, you can complete your finger wave hairstyle with nice accessories.

21. Finger Waves Hairstyle With Bun

Finger waves for women

Comb your hair bun sideways and style it with finger waves.

22. Retro Finger Waves

Retro finger waves hair style

A hairstyle that will look very cool on medium hair for those who like finger waves of old times. By giving volumes, the hair is shown more voluminous and fuller.

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