Those of you who have naturally curly or wavy hair will love this article. We think it’s clear how much attention curly-haired women get. The low number of women with curly hair increases this interest even more. In this article, we will talk about hairstyles that lucky curly-haired women can use in their hair. Hair foams and hair dryers will be very useful in making these models. If we want our curly hair waves to be more prominent and regular, we should take care of it because curly hair is extremely beautiful but also requires care.

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1. Light Brown Curly Hair

Long natural curly hair

This length brown curly hair will give your hair a great look for summer. It will create an extremely natural and fresh hair look for the summer.

2. Platinum Blonde Curly Hair

Long blonde curly hair for 2022

We matched the color of platinum blonde hair and curly hair very well. Isn’t there a lot of hair to talk about?

3. Layered Curly Haircut

Natural curly hair for women

You can give your curly natural hair a layered cut to give them more movement.

4. Voluminous Black Curly Hair

natural curly hair for every women

If you have voluminous hair, this curly model will suit you very well. Your voluminous hair will increase your self-confidence

5. Braided Curly Hair

curly hair for 2022 summer

Have you thought about combining your curly waves with braids? Be sure to try it and enjoy your romantic hair.

6. Summer Curly Hair

blonde curly hair for everywomen

Complement your naturally curly hair for summer with these colored glass sunglasses and create your cool look.

7. Ponytail With Curly Hair

natural curly hair for summer 2022

You can make your curly hair like this by tying randomly in a natural way with the help of just a hairpin.

8. Brown Curly Hair With Highlights

natural brown curly hair

If you have curly, medium hair and ıf you like lighter colored sparkles in your hair, try this hairstyle.

9. Fringe With Curly Hair

curly and fringe hairstyles

Straighten your bangs and show off your curly waves.

10. Layered Long Curly Hair

Curly hair style

For this look, ask your hairdresser to cut your hair in layers. Your hair of different lengths will look more voluminous.

11. Retro Curly Hair Style

Blonde curly hair

Make your bright blonde hair visible with your curly curls.

11. Short Curly Hair

Natural short curly hairstyle

Increase your curly hair curls with the help of a curling iron. Lots of curls will be needed for this curly hairstyle.

12. Backswept Curly Hair

Layered curly hair for 2022

Comb your curly hair backwards with the help of a comb or with your hands. This hairstyle requires layered hair.

13. Black Short Curly Hair

Short curly hair

It is very easy to use, just after you get out of the shower, define your curly hair with your hands with the help of a hair mousse.

14. Natural Very Long Curly Hair

Curly hair for women

For this model, do not forget to fix your baby hair with the help of a hairbrush.

15. Claret Red Curly Hair

Colored curly hair

It is a great model for those who want to use their curly hair in color. You should trust your hairdresser for this color.

16. Long And Curly Hair With Yellow Highlights

Natural long curly hairstyle for women

17. Bright Blonde Curly Hair

Blonde curly hair

If you are going to a stylish place for the night and you need stylish hair curls, you can create this image with the help of a curling iron in your hair.

18. Voluminous Short Curly Hairstyle

 Medium brown curly hair

If you are looking for a natural hairstyle for the spring months, this is it. It will look much more stylish with the brown color tones inside.

19. Shiny Curly Hair

Long and shiny curly hairstyles

Give this model a wet look by using plenty of hair spray, which will look fresh in the summer months.

20. Blonde Thin Curly Hair

Natural thin curly hairstyles

Separate your curls well. Those who like tight and thin curls love this model.

21. Brown Cute Curly Hair

Natural cute curly hairstyles

Cut the ends of your hair longer for this curly hairstyle. You can make it more stylish with orange or yellow color.

22. Voluminous Yellow Curly Hair

Cool natural curly hairstyles

A very harmonious hairstyle for middle age. Its looks very stylish with its volumes.

23. Blue Curly Hair With Deep Brown Highlights

Shiny curly hair

Get this look easily by shapping your dark brown shiny hair with a thick curling iron.

24. Very Cut Blonde Curly Hair

Blonde short curly hair

Short hair lovers will love this model. You can get this great look by scraping the sides of your hair.

25. Medium Lenght Brown Hair

Brown highlights with curly hair

Our latest hairstyle features shimmery brown waves. Women who want a change in their hair with medium length and some color should try this.

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