Have you been wanting to make a bold and different color change in your hair for a long time? Then purple hairstyle is just for you. It can be fun to combine different shades of purple and different colors like pink and blue with this hairstyle.

Check out the best purple hairstyles we’ve picked for you below.

purple hairstyle for every women

1. Light Purple Hairstyle

purple hairstyle

If you are looking for a purple in light colors try this purple color.

2. Purple Ombre

purple hairstyle for women

Have you tried purple as an ombre color before? This purple ombre color is very different and dazzling.

3. Purple Rainbow

purple hair ideas

For this wonderful look, also use the navy blue and turquoise colors that match the purple color.

4. Navy Blue Purple

short purple hair ideas

Cut the ends of your hair a bit for this model and choose the dark blue purple color that suits you best.

5. Purple Waves

purple hair design

Purple waves on long hair look very different and feminine.

6. Purple Roots

best purple hair ideas

Very nice color transition.

7. Purple Shadow

purple hair ideas for every women

Those who want little purple touches can try these purple shadows.

8. Different Color With Purple Waves

short purple hair ideas for 2022

Try very sweet waves as soon as possible with the tones of this purple color.

9. Purple Pink

purple hairstyle for 2022

The combination of pink and purple is always legendary.

10. Sleek Purple

purple hair ideas for 2022

Purple waves look great with blonde hair. You can make this model at your graduation.

11. Bright Purple

purple hair ideas for women

The brightness of the purple color looks great on your hair.

12. Unicorn Purple

purple hairstyles

They will get a lot of colorful purple hair, they will love this purple hairstyle.

13. Elegant Purple

purple hair for 2022

A great choice for stylish and elegant purple hair.

14. Purple Highlights

purple hair for women

Purple sparkles will make your hair look interesting.

15. Dark Purple

purple hair color ideas

The nice reflection of dark purple on black hair looks great.

16. Purple Sunlight

purple hair color ideas for women

Imagine the glitters of purple color in your hair. The reflections in the sunlight are beautiful.

17. Natural Purple Hairstyle

purple hair color design

Don’t want purple all over your hair? Then just add thin purple lines.

18. Purple Braids Hairstyle

purple hair color ideas and designs

This purple color will make the braids of your hair more distinctive and pleasant.

18. Purple Bun

purple curly hairstyle

Your hair bun will look much more stylish with these purple waves.

19. Soft Purple Hairstyle

soft purple hairs

One of the most beautiful purple colors, simple and pleasant, must be tried.

20. Cool Purple

simple short purple harstyle

A very cool purple color that will reveal your style.

21. Short Purple Hair

simple short purple hair style

Combine your short hair waves with purple. This length of hair will be very comfortable to use.

22. Young Purple

easy best hair styles

This purple color is guaranteed to make you look 5 years younger than you are.

23. Color Transition

easy best purple hair ideas

Try this purple color transition on your hair ends with a hairdresser you trust.

24. Model Purple

best simple purple hair designs

It’s a special day purple hairstyle. Your hair will be talked about.

25. Pixie Purple Hairstyle

simple short purple hair for 2022

Use your bangs long for this pixie hairstyle.

26. Bob Purple

simple purple hair color ideas

Layered bob hairstyle will make your hair look more voluminous.

27. Long Pink Purple

best purple hair colors for women

Pink and purple go very well together. Use these two shades on hair.

28. Straight Short Purple Hairstyle

best purple hair color designs

A good blow dry is a must for this model.

29. Purple Curly Bob

best purple hair colors style

This purple color is gorgeous.

30. Podium Purple

easy short purple hairstyle

These asymmetrical purple waves are one of the best short purple hairstyles.

31. Purple And Black Mixture

best purple hair

A mix of black and purple always creates great hair color.

32. Baby Purple

best purple hair ideas for women

Baby purple makes you look so fresh and cute.

33. Cute Purple Hair Design

best purple hairstyle for 2022

The purple hair color that will make it look like it came out of an action movie looks incredible.

34. Buzzcut Short Purple Hairstyle

best purple hair ideas

This purple and blue short purple hairstyle similar to a pixie hairstyle will bring out your distinctive hairsyle.

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